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HOLZ PROF (HR PROF) – Industrial

FIRE RETARDANT for wood treatment, where Euroclass B-s1,d 0 (EN 13501-1), fire resistance test of covering K110,K210 (EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009) and standard UK, BS 476, part 6,7, performance criteria for class 0 as given in the Building Regulations 2000, are required.

The fire retardant is suitable for both internal and external end uses and does not require a protective finishing coat.

HOLZ PROF (HR PROF) – Industrial is water based fire retardant impregnation product for wood treatment. The fire retardant does not contain hazardous chemicals and thefore the treated wood remains respectful to the environment and suitable for the constructions projects with rigorous environmental requirments.

The product is designed for variuos industrial application methods: vacuum tanks, immersing baths, brushing machines etc. It is not for on site application.

The flame retardant is certified on variety of wood species: from solid wood (soft- and hardwoods) to plywood, from exotic to modified wood types.

Wooden products treated with HOLZ PROF (HR PROF) – Industrial comply with EU regulations and offer customers the opportunity to apply for CE marking on the treated timber.

HOLZ PROF (HR PROF) – Industrial is colourless and odourless and, if required, the treated wood can be over-coated with paints, varnishes and other finish materials.

The unique technology permits HOLZ PROF (HR PROF) – Industrial to help extend the lifetime of the treated wood, transforming it into a strong substrate, reinforcng its cellular structure.

Once absorbed into the surface of the wood the fire retardant combines chemically within the cell structure, does not form a surface finish, which allows the wood to breath naturally.

HOLZ PROF – Industrial fire retardant

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