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HOLZ OIL for wood, stone and concrete surfaces

HOLZ OIL is a decorative, protective and hydrophobic oil for wood, stone and concrete surfaces treatment.

Holz Oil provides strong protection to the surfaces of new or previously treated residential and domestic buildings, like wood facades, terraces, outdoor furniture, various stone and concrete objects, windows, doors and others.

Why choose Holz Oil?

  • It is high quality oil product
  • It is non-toxic and safe for use
  • It is suitable for both internal and external application
  • It creates a protective hydrophobic layer and protects the surface from moisture, dirt and weather conditions
  • It preserves and refines the natural texture of the surface
  • It has really good penetration ability
  • It does not leach easily as it chemically combines with the treated surface
  • It reinforces porous mineral materials (like stone and concrete)
  • It prevents wood from crack formation
  • It is possible to apply an additional decorative treatment
  • It can be toned with pigments for oil paints



Holz Oil The product is easy to use and it is not harmful for humans, animals and the environment. It is important to follow the directions for use. If necessary Holz Oil can be diluted with white spirit and it is possible tint by adding a pigment.

Holz Oil can be applied with brush, roller, spray or piece of textile: 2-3 coats with an interval of 40 minutes, at the temperature above +5ºС and humidity under 80%. It is also possible to submerse, soak or vacuum.

Consumption: 60-80 g/m2 (1L for 12- 16 m2) on most surfaces; on planed wood 10-15 m2/L and on sawn wood 5-8 m2/L. The surface to be treated must be dry, free from dust, bark, paints and varnishes, and from other contaminants.

Before processing the untreated wood with Holz Oil, it is possible to applicate different wood protective products, like, for example, Holz BioHolz Prof or to treat it with cleaning products like HP Renovator.

The extra oil can be removed with tissue or clean textile. Once completed the application, the tools and equipment should be cleaned with soap and water or white spirit. It is possible to paint or over-coat with decorative materials once the surface has dried sufficiently.

Please, feel free to contact us for any assistance and more information about Holz Oil for wood, stone and concrete surfaces treatment.

HOLZ OIL for wood, stone and concrete surfaces
HOLZ OIL - protective and hydrophobic oil for wood
HOLZ OIL - decorative and protective oil for stone and concrete
Hydrophobic oil for wood
Fire retardant wood treatment
Metal treatment
Cleaning and disinfection treatment
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