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For more than fifteen years, weare dealing with scientific research and development, chemical production and sales of eco-friendly products for wood and other industrial materials for both the commercial industry and for the general public. Since the establishment we have achieved important results in the development of our well-known patented know-how. Today we offer to the customers high quality products that meet the latest EU regulations and directives.

Our main directions

Fire retardant wood protection

We are specialized in the products for wood protection against fire (euro class B-s1, d0). The products are certified and tested in laboratories and in practice. We offer solutions that do not leach, chemically combine with the structure of timber and modify wood into more strong and fire resistant material.

Wood protection

We produce products for wood that are suitable for inside and outside use. The products protect, refine and reinforce the natural texture of wood. We prevent and stop wood bio deterioration, as well as provide decorative finishing and wood renovation.

Metal protection

Our metal line provides powerful anti-corrosion protection, stops the spread of already started metal deterioration and prevents the occurrence of new rust. Therefore, the treatment converts rust and increases the durability and lifetime of the metal.

Cleaning and disinfection

Our products for cleaning and disinfection are easy to use, respectful to the environment, humans and animals. We do not use VOC, chlorine and alcohol. We carefully disinfect the surface, do not damage, but preserve its texture.

The company HOLZ Prof OÜ actively participates in various scientific projects conducted by experts at well-known accredited institutes and laboratories.

More than 60 official tests have been perfomed and successfully passed. Our production and research and development process are certified with the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2008.

Nowadays, the ecology is one the most considerable issues. The chemical industry is moving to wards eco friendly solutions. There are measures being taken to increase sustainability. Both governmental institutions and the clients demand everytime safer and more ecological products, this leads to the restriction of the market. Fortunately, HOLZ Prof OÜ is working on the environmentally friendly basis: the products are efficient and safe, the production line has no harmful residues. The company has reached a balance between sustainability, efficiency and safety that contributes to success of the company.

All the inventions are patented and have safety certificates.

Our products have been tested in laboratories and in practice, and have received positive results of quality. We cooperate with scientists and researchers from Estonia, other EU countries and Russia in the field of applied technologies.

Our quality policy

  • We are committed to work in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner, avoiding environmental pollution.
  • We make sure that all our employees acknowledge their responsibility for quality and ecology, their work performance and reputation of the company.
  • We focus on constant development of the quality of our activities.
  • We ensure that our quality management system complies with international standards.
  • We continuously enhance the cooperation with our suppliers.
  • We perform product testings and certifications according to the requirements of different markets.
  • We long to fulfil the requirements of our customer and satisfy the needs of final users.
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