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Application of fire retardant materials saves lives

Application of fire retardant materials saves lives

London, June 14, 2017, a terrible tragedy occurred, the huge fire raged at a west London 24-storey tower block. It is considered one of the worst fires happened in the city.

A year before the fire the building was renovated. During the major repair works new insulation and cladding were installed on the exterior; both contained flammable materials. According to the local newspapers, the construction company decided to save money and use only slightly cheaper than fire-resistant alternatives product that has a polyethylene core that is combustible. As a result, the flammable cladding was easily ignited and the fire spread rapidly across the building leading to numerous human deaths.

In connection with this tragedy, the management of Holz Prof OÜ decided to test the HOLZ Prof fire retardant on polyethylene core. On the video, you can see the difference between fire reaction to treated and not treated polyethylene core. On the treated surface the fire does not spread and immediately goes out once the fire propagation equipment is taken away. The untreated polyethylene core burns in seconds.

Holz Prof Ltd will continue exploring the possibilities of application the HOLZ Prof flame retardant to prevent fires.

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